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Complete Selenium WebDriver with C#

Build your own automation framework from scratch and master Selenium WebDriver. No prior knowledge needed.


Sauce Labs: Advanced Topics

Master parallel test execution, cross-browser automation, test analytics and much more. Using the best Selenium Grid in the world.

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9 Amazing Websites to Practice Automation Testing

This post will tell you about the best automation practice sites so that you can improve your skills. Learn things such as AJAX, dynamic loading, Angular, and so much more…

The Greatest Selenium Resources

Since 2013 I’ve been gathering a list of my favorite automation resources for Selenium. This is the list that’s helped me. It will help you too.

CI/CD With Azure DevOps

Do you need to create a CI Pipeline for your test automation with Azure DevOps? This post will teach you exactly that.

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WebDriverIO: Get started quickly [2019]

WebDriverIO: Get started quickly [2019]

What is webdriverIO? Webdriver IO is a Node.js automation framework that uses WebDriver W3C protocol for web and mobile automation under the hood. What makes it really awesome is the easy setup and the simple interface that exists to interact with your applications....

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