Complete Selenium WebDriver with Java Bootcamp 

Learn Selenium with Java like a professional. Start from the basics and  become a test automation expert!

Course Features

This will be the most informative course on the planet. Here are a few things that you will learn.

Automation Best Practices

Continuous Integration

Selenium WebDriver

Java Programming


Continuous Delivery

Framework Creation

Ready to take massive action and change your life?

Learn Selenium WebDriver like a professional. Start from the basics and go all the way to creating your own frameworks!

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What Else Will You Master?

  • 12+ hours of hands-on Java, focused on automation testers
  • 15+ hours of Selenium WebDriver instruction
  • Mastery of fundamental automation best practices
  • Unique skills to develop automation frameworks in under 60 min
  • World’s most common anti-patterns
  • Parallelization
  • Cross-browser automation
  • Correct synchronization strategies
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Selenium Grid
  • So much more…

Nikolay Advolodkin

Your Instructor

Nikolay Advolodkin is a prolific Automation Test & Quality Assurance Engineer. Currently, he is the CEO and Software Testing Instructor at He has been voted as one of 33 Test Automation Leaders to follow in 2017 by

He is also one of the top Selenium WebDriver instructor in the world as rated by He is a frequent Contributor for the blog, and a speaker at Automation Guild 2017.

When he isn’t immersed in the realm of coding and all-things QA, Nikolay Advolodkin enjoys self-improvement and aims to hone his vast skill set daily, all while teaching online students how to master automated software testing.


🏆 One of top 33 automation engineers 2017,

🏆 One of top 33 automation engineers 2018,

🏆 One of top 33 automation engineers 2019,

🏆 Taught 50,000+ students in over 100+ countries

🏆 Top Selenium instructor in the world


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