The Complete Selenium WebDriver with Java Bootcamp

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Mastering automation testing from A to Z—be the go-to person to improve software quality

Unleashing the potential of using Selenium WebDriver for automation

Mastering Java for Software Automation Engineers—the way to definitely go pro

Implementing automation best practices established over decades—as the top professionals do

Using ATDA—a secret automation technique to create top-quality tests

Creating a test automation framework in less than 45 minutes

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The Complete Selenium WebDriver with Java Bootcamp

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 Go from student to expert through a course that puts you where top IT firms need you.

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Chapter 1 : Tools Setup

Install Intelli J, Maven and JDK

Chapter 2 : 1st Selenium Test

UPDATED Brand new content

  • Download and install ChromeDriver
  • Write your first automated test
  • Learn about Selenium WebDriver

Chapter 3 : Java Basics

  • Learn about variables
  • Naming conventions
  • Primitive types

Chapter 4 : Methods, Expressions, Statements

UPDATED Brand new content

  • Learn what methods are and how to use them
  • Learn about statements and expressions

Chapter 5 : JUnit 4

  • Learn JUnit 4, the most popular Java project on Github
  • Understand how to write automated tests

Chapter 6 : Locating Web Elements with WebDriver

  • Learn the 7 steps in a Selenium script
  • Learn fundamentals of HTML
  • Learn how to use XPath and CSS
  • Which locators are best to use for automation

Chapter 7 : WebDriver Methods

UPDATED Brand new content

  • Keyboard actions
  • JavaScript commands
  • All Selenium methods
  • Frames
  • Alerts
  • File download/upload
  • Cookies

Chapter 8 : Object Oriented Programming

  • Master classes
  • Understand how to use classes

Chapter 9 : Page Object Pattern

  • Master the page object mode
  • Why it’s important to use
  • Best page object pattern practices not found anywhere else

Chapter 10 : Automation Best Practices

  • How to use test automation pyramid for test automation?
  • Reliability over more test automation
  • Don’t rerun failed tests
  • How to keep classes and methods small
  • Explicit vs implicit waits

Chapter 11 : 45 Minute Production Level Framework

  • Learn the intuitive way to create a production level framework in 45 minutes
  • Using industry best practices

Chapter 12 : Parallelization

Learn the ins and outs of complete test parallelization

Chapter 13 : Continuous Integration

Run our entire automation framework through a CI pipeline

Is Cucumber Automation Killing Your Project?

Did you know that almost 100% of organizations fail with Cucumber? We recently worked with a client that spent years and millions of $ creating a Cucumber framework, only to see it fail. With my help, we refactored it and now they don’t want to talk about Cucumber This section will teach you how to avoid failure.

Next Level Automation Tips

  • Tons of new tips coming soon
  • Re-running failed automation

So much more...

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This Course Includes

1) 20+ hours on demand video
2) Full lifetime access
3) Access on mobile and TV
4) Certificate of Completion

nikolay advolodkin

Nikolay Advolodkin


Nikolay Advolodkin is a seasoned IT Professional, Test Automation Expert, and Quality Assurance Innovator whose dedication to innovation and progress has earned him the reputation as a strategist in the information technology space.

He was named one of 33 Test Automation Leaders to follow in 2017 by And according to, he is one of the top Selenium WebDriver Instructor across the globe, educating 50,000+ students on the ins and outs of test automation from 120+ different countries.

What Our Student Are Saying

Claud Towne

“Excellent! Very thorough, well-organized, good pace… I particularly like the way the course has helped my knowledge build up gradually and systematically.”

Tevin Gislason

“Everything is explained beautifully and clearly. The amount I paid is totally worth the course, hope to return something to the community after learning from this course.”

Jayne Zemlak

“Quick enough to be engaged but steady enough to retain the information. I will certainly take advantage of the course until its end and recommend to friends!”

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course package

What Is Included

career advice on video

Career Advice on Video

Get access to special videos with advice on the best practices to start selling your Selenium WebDriver skills immediately.
community support

Community & Support

Have any doubts? Enjoy the best Q&A Support as well as access to an engaged FB Community—get ready for smooth sailing to actionable highly prized IT skills!

Extra Education Value

Get the “Top 5 Automation Anti-Patterns to Avoid” and the “The Best Websites to Practice Test Automation” e-books and get one step ahead by also learning what not to do when it comes to being a top Selenium WebDriver pro.


Career-Building Certificate

Get the word out on your Selenium WebDriver skills and available services—with our course’s Certificate of Completion.
lifetime access

Lifetime Access

Get lifetime access to the course and to our weekly tips newsletter with actionable code samples to take your skills to the next level.

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For every future program that we offer, you’ll get to enjoy the best discounts—that’s another way through which we’ll thank you and reward you for joining this special Selenium WebDriver Bootcamp.


Interview Training Videos

Bonus Expert training on how to tackle automation interviews and a special yearly advanced skills webinar.

beyond theory

Beyond Theory

Get an integrated chance to build your valuable resume—and significantly increase your chances of being hired—by contributing to our OSS project.


Complimentary Framework Review

One of our students will be selected for a complimentary framework review every year—a $600 value that can be yours if you’re fast enough to join our course and try to qualify for it!

No Hassle 100% Money Back
Guarantee for 30 Days

Start automating like a pro

career advice on video

Master Automation

3 monthly payments of

$119 $99 (17% discount)

Dominate the test automation industry

Java training for complete beginners

JUnit 4

Locating Web Elements

45 minute automation framework training

Page Object Pattern

Automation Patterns and Anti-Patterns

Parallel test execution

Continuous Integration

Career Building Advice

Complete Selenium Training


All 16 modules in this course


2 test automation ebooks ($99 value)


Full source code for all modules


Certificates of completion


Training on how to get a stellar resume


Interview training

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