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Now Meet Your Test Automation Instructor 👇

nikolay advolodkin

Nikolay Advolodkin

World’s Most Passionate SDET

Nikolay Advolodkin is a Sr Solutions Architect working for the world’s #1 automation platform, Sauce Labs. His team of Solutions Architects has 75+ years of IT experience and is comprised of multiple world-class engineers such as Titus Fortner and Marcus Merrell.

Nikolay works with hundreds of automation engineers, across dozens of companies, analyzing and improving millions of tests, every single year.

He was named one of 33 Test Automation Leaders, multiple years in a row ( 

Nikolay was a contributing author to Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals book. He is co-creator of Sauce Bindings OSS project, a contributor to Selenium WebDriver, and numerous other OSS projects.

🚀Simply put, there is no person on the planet that’s more qualified to be your instructor 💪

What Our Student Are Saying

83% speed improvement in test suite! We started with 150 tests running in 1 hr. After learning the correct parallelization approach from Nikolay, with thread-safety, we can now run 3 jobs, using 3 threads, in 10 min for the whole suite!

Andrei R.

Software Tester

I was able to write about 70 automated tests using the ideas and teachings from the course before losing my job due to COVID. With the training and actual (limited) experience, I was able to land on my feet with a new position as a front end developer.

Life changing?

Yes, I put in the work, and this course provided me the track to run on. It helped me be effective and intentional with my code and test cases. One the most useful things about the course is the references to others work and ideas. It allowed me to continue learning even after I finished the course.

Michael S.

Software Tester

It has made such a difference genuinely! I have managed to cut out so much time compared to the bdd framework and introducing atomic testing, page objects and api calls I have done so many demos to my team because of the benefits we are seeing.

Rebecca B.

Test Engineer, UK