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Automation saves hospitality business 66% in suite execution time

A large hotel brand achieves 66% faster automated tests with a single framework assessment!

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1 Simple Trick To Masively Improve Automation Efficiency

A discovery session uncovers a 34% inefficiency in a mobile testing framework. A single recommendation fixed the inefficiency.

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Insurance company achieves 560% faster testing

A multi-billion dollar insurance company speeds up test automation framework by 560%.

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4 Steps To Achieve a 66% Reduction in Test Run Time

Customer achieves 83% faster test suite execution time from a single recommendation following a framework assessment.

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Everything you need to know to truly master test automation

We’re here to help you learn test automation and get a better job. We’ve put together our best tips on where to learn test automation, what are the automation patterns recommended by experts, and the best websites to practice test automation coding.

Ultimate QA: Selenium Webdriver With Java by Ultimate QA

Video Course

Complete Selenium WebDriver with Java Bootcamp

A course that’ll kick your a**, teach you how to complete real-world automation and create a flourishing career as a world-class automation engineer.

Websites to Practice Automation Testing


Best Websites to Practice Automation Testing

The most in-depth guide on the web about where to practice automated testing.

automated testing best practices


Automated Testing Best Practices

A collection of automated testing best practices supported by data.

modern react and nodejs

Video Course

Modern React and NodeJS Development 

Learn how to build, test, and deploy modern web applications with tons of hands-on projects.

automated testing best practices

Video Course

Coding And Testing an Authentication API with NodeJS

Build and test your own authentication API using NodeJS

Video Course

Selenium WebDriver Masterclass with C#

Learn Selenium WebDriver like a professional. Start from the basics and go all the way to creating your own frameworks!

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