• Client: Large Healthcare Organization 
  • Industry: Healthcare 
  • Services Provided: Automation Program Development 
  • Tools Used: Cypress, Playwright, Selenium, Azure DevOps, GitHub 
  • Key Metrics: Over 150 API tests in under 5 minutes, 6.6 seconds average UI test speed, >95% pass rate, 900 minutes daily manual testing time saved


The client, a prominent player in the healthcare sector, sought to enhance their testing practices to increase efficiency and speed. They required a comprehensive solution to build an automation program from the ground up.


The primary challenge was to develop an effective automation framework capable of handling diverse testing needs, including API, UI, performance, and accessibility testing, while integrating seamlessly with existing CI/CD pipelines.


UltimateQA, leveraging its expertise in automation, undertook a systematic approach:

  1. Initial Evaluation: Assessed the client’s applications and requirements to understand the testing landscape.
  2. Proof of Concept (POC): Conducted POCs using Cypress, Playwright, and Selenium to determine the best fit.
  3. Technology Selection: Based on a detailed 50+ point analysis, Playwright with TypeScript was chosen.
  4. Implementation:
    • API Testing: Automated over 150 API tests, achieving execution times of under 5 minutes per code commit on a MuleSoft application.
    • UI Testing: Implemented automated UI tests with an average execution speed of 6.6 seconds per test and a pass rate of over 95%.
    • Performance and Accessibility Testing: Integrated automated front-end performance and accessibility testing.
  5. CI/CD Integration: Utilized Azure DevOps and GitHub to manage continuous integration and deployment.


The automation program significantly enhanced the client’s testing capabilities:

  • Time Efficiency: Saved approximately 900 minutes of manual testing time daily.
  • Speed and Reliability: Ensured rapid and reliable testing processes.
  • Comprehensive Testing: Enabled various testing types, from API to UI, performance, and accessibility.

Here is an example of the results achieved so far:


UltimateQA’s intervention transformed the client’s testing approach, fostering a more agile, efficient, and robust testing environment. This case study exemplifies UltimateQA’s capability to deliver high-quality, customized automation solutions in complex domains like healthcare.

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