Check out this tutorial that contains a list of 16 Selenium Webdriver coding exercises that will help you ace ๐Ÿš€ your Java interview.

1. Locate Web Elements

Learn how to find the elements and locate their state, take action and record the results.

  • 1-7 Steps of Selenium Script Quiz
  • Locators in Code Exercise
  • Inspection Quiz
  • Locators in Code Exercise Answer
  • Locating Web Elements Exam
  • Locating Web Elements Exam Answer

2. WebDriver Methods

Try and take these exercises to test your skills learned. Each test has separate requirements which are being provided in the lecture.

  • Action Quiz
  • Action Quiz Answer
  • Coding Exercises for โ€‹โ€‹Methods

3. Page Objects

Learn which page objects are good or bad based on relevant page classes, components, and properties.

  • Page Objects Quiz
  • Page Objects Exercise
  • Page Objects Exercise Answer

4. Automation Best Practices

Check out a diagram on how common web applications behave and decide and validate wherein the automation pyramid will you be performing test cases.

  • Automation Pyramid Exercises

5. 45 Minute Production Level Framework

  • ATDA Quiz
  • ATDA Quiz Answer Pt 1
  • ATDA Quiz Answer P2
  • ATDA Quiz Answer P3
  • Add Inventory Component Quiz
  • Cleaning Up Code Quiz

6. Parallelization

  • Parallelization Exercise
  • Refactoring Exercise

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๐Ÿ˜ Enjoy this tutorial that will uplevel your test automation skills!

What students are sayingโ€ฆ

83% speed improvement in test suite! We started with 150 tests running in 1 hr. After learning the correct parallelization approach from Nikolay, with thread-safety, we can now run 3 jobs, using 3 threads, in 10 min for the whole suite!

Andrei R, Software Tester

It took me six to eight months to work through the course in my limited spare time. I was able to write about 70 automated tests using the ideas and teachings from the course before losing my job due to COVID. With the training and actual (limited) experience, I was able to land on my feet with a new position as a front end developer.

Life changing?

Yes, I put in the work, and this course provided me the track to run on. It helped me be effective and intentional with my code and test cases. One the most useful things about the course is the references to others work and ideas. It allowed me to continue learning even after I finished the course.

Michael S, Front-End Developer