Every software tester would like to be able to test their program easily and faster. As much as software testing might sound an easy task, it does not turn out to be very easy. You need to learn some methodologies involved. First, you have to know the basics of the testing tool that you are using. And second, it’s also important to know the environments in which you can use the tool.

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These are some of the questions software testing experts will get from beginners. For example, how do you learn selenium by yourself within a very short time and start practicing? The advantage is that we have the technology and it has really simplified leaning since there are several ways to learn selenium. Here are the top blogs that will help you learn selenium effectively

The Selenium HQ Wiki

The Selenium Wiki is one of the best ways to learn selenium effectively. The developer, of course, is the best teacher, and this is the case with Selenium. Therefore using the Selenium HQ Wiki, software testers can easily find rich knowledge base since today, the web shares a lot of material about this resouce.

This fantastic blog covers all the aspects relating to Selenium. Therefore, it is a good place to find all the information you need. Learn on Pagefactory, Developers tips are shared in plenty, and we also have information on building WebDriver not forgetting the Advanced User Interactions. Therefore if you are a beginner wondering where to learn selenium fast, this is a good beginning.

The Ultimate QA Website

This is a resource dedicated to Quality Assurance using Selenium testing tool.  The website allows you to learn selenium but it is focused more on automation of software testing and uses Selenium Webdriver. You will learn how to achieve different tasks using Selenium for example How to work with Selenium Webdriver. The advantage of this site is that you will get videos and tutorials that show you how to achieve different tasks.

Selenium Google Testing Blog

With Google, you will always get the latest information. Therefore no matter which topic you are searching, Google Testing Blogs remains one of the best platforms to learn including on Selenium. Other software testers in this blog contribute accurate information and you can as well learn how to write a good code.

Subscribe to A Free Email from Elemental Selenium and Learn Selenium fast

Developed by Dave Haeffner, this remains one of the best platforms where you can learn Selenium. The developer has years of experience in WebDriver and therefore you will get rich knowledge once you begin learning through this platform. You can subscribe to emails from Dave which helps in creating more knowledge.

Learn Selenium Fast and Effectively Through YouTube

There are different videos to on software testing you can get on YouTube. Actually, you will also find free tutorials on YouTube which makes you learn selenium effectively than you would have expected. Log on to YouTube today and begin learning.

All these learning resources will give you good examples that you can easily follow, and hence you learn selenium fast.