You can get the most out of your visit to Sauce Con 2021 by not missing out on these essential Sauce Con workshops.

Sauce Con is an exciting opportunity to get together with people all over the world who use Sauce Labs as well as other automated testing experts. The conference set for 2021 is sure to be full of exciting workshops.

The conference will be held on April 20th at 11 AM EST, but if you can’t make it, you will be sent a recording of the workshop. You can register here and save 50% by applying the coupon code ADV0424 on the payment page. You should be sure to register soon if you are interested because seats are limited!

There are many exciting Sauce Con workshops to choose from at this conference, but here are our top 5picks that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Crafting a Test Framework

This advanced workshop is 4 hours long and walks you through testing a sample application that will help you see how each component works together to streamline the process and make it easier to update your code when needed. Creating a framework that is efficient and easy to use will help you reduce costs because the most expensive part of a Selenium test suite is the maintenance costs which tend to eat up more of your budget than creation or execution.

The workshop will start with discussing how to write good tests and using test data. Then it will move into working with objects on a page and synchronization. Next is encapsulating objects and performing tests at scale. You will learn to prioritize the right things when creating test tooling and how the different framework parts work together.

In order to get the most out of this workshop, you should already have experience with Java. You should also have Git, IntelliJ, and JDK v1.8 or higher installed. This workshop is ideal for testers who either have already written or plan to write automation frameworks. It will also be beneficial for testers who maintain a framework that needs some major improvements.

The workshop leader is Titus Fortner, a Senior Solutions Architect at Sauce Labs. You can learn more about him via his website, Twitter account, or GitHub profile. He will be assisted by two solution architects, Chris Eccleston and Eyal Yovel.

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2. Run Your Tests Anywhere

This basic level, 4-hour course, will walk you through using Docker to run JavaScript or Java tests without Node or Java installed. This freedom allows you or a colleague to run tests on any laptop or using a remote Continuous Integration server (CI). Docker is usually used to package and deploy applications in diverse environments, but it will also help anyone in any location be able to test frontend and backend applications.

Obtaining an understanding of Docker, how it works, how to create images, and how to run containers will help you navigate through the tricky beginning stages of using Docker. This workshop helps you grasp these concepts to be able to run tests with hands-on exercises.

The workshop will cover a lot of the basics like an introduction and quick environment check so you understand the basics of Docker and the testing application that will be used in the workshop. It will also instruct you on how to put the application in Docker, run it, write a few tests, and run them inside a container.

We will also run several Docker containers with docker-compose to be able to test applications using different environments. Before a wrap-up, we will run tests in a continuous integration pipeline.

This workshop is ideal for developers, testers, DevOps, or anyone interested in testing. You will understand how an application can be put into containers to make testing easier and scale-up test suites by running them in different environments. You will also be able to coordinate multiple Docker containers to make setup and execution easier. You will also be able to put in different elements to build test setups that are customized to your testing needs and be able to use a continuous integration pipeline.

Before the workshop, you should be able to run command-line tools from your workstation, have basic programming knowledge, and have the latest version of Docker installed. It would also be helpful to have a good text editor and a GitHub account.

The workshop will be led by Diego Moina, a Senior Software Engineer, and assisted by another Senior Software Engineer, Eli Flores. You can connect with Diego Moina via his website, Twitter account, or GitHub profile.

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3. The Nuts and Bolts of WebDriverio

This basic level, 4-hour course will teach you how to use browser automation and give you practical experience that you can apply to your projects at your workplace. This workshop is ideal for anyone from beginners who are just getting started as well as professionals who are looking for more information on complex interaction in browsers.

To take the workshop, you should have a browser on your operating system, as well as the latest Node JS and Python, installed.

The workshop leader is Christian Bromann, a Staff Software Engineer. You can learn more about him via his website, Twitter account, or GitHub profile. There will be two workshop assistants: Enrique Gonzalez (Manager of Customer Support) and Wim Selles (Senior Solution Architect).

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4. API Testing & Monitoring

This is a 4-hour workshop in 2 parts ranging from basic and advanced. You will learn to develop and deploy an API-based web app and a scalable test framework with Flask in Python. You will also learn how to transition to a hybrid UI/API testing strategy.

Before taking this workshop, you should have a basic knowledge of web development frameworks and APIs, and Python. Although it is not required, it would be helpful to have knowledge of using Pytest or another test automation tool.

This workshop will be led by Josh Grant who is a Senior Solutions Architect who has more information on his website and Twitter. Evelyn Coleman, a Solution Architect, will be assisting him.

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5. Automation Best Practices

This 4 hour, the advanced course will enable attendees to understand how to test a web application using shift-left and right. You will learn several kinds of tests like functional UI, API, visual, and performance. This will help you be able to cover a lot of testing gaps you encounter. You will also be able to do it using industry best practices in a CI environment.

This course is meant for SKETs, automation engineers, or developers who want to know how to do full-coverage test automation. You should have an IDE and Git installed and have knowledge of JavaScript before attending.

Senior Solutions Architect, Nikolay Advolodkin, will be leading the workshop. His information can be found on his website, Twitter, or GitHub. He will be assisted by the Manager of Customer Support, Enrique Gonzalez, and Senior Solution Architect, Wim Selles.

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