Advanced Automation Frameworks with Selenium Java

Selenium is a software application that provides an automated framework for testing web application functions. This can be on web applications locally hosted or on a cloud-based server. One important aspect of programming and that should not be skipped is testing. Therefore your application development team should conduct a number of tests throughout the development cycle and before implementing the applications.

These tests comprise the regression and smoke tests. With Selenium Java test automation framework, it becomes very easy to come up with responsive applications.  The Selenium Webdriver replaced the previous version known as Selenium remote control.

Why Use Automation Frameworks?

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Having a framework means you have a defined way of doing things. For an automated testing framework, you have a defined way of testing your applications. Selenium java is a good example of automation framework. There are several advantages of automation frameworks. They include the following;

Script-Less Representation

With selenium java Automation framework, you will be able to have a script less representation and instead, a more friendly point and click testing environment. This makes interaction with the components of the application easier and much friendlier than using a script representation. When a tester is able to visualize a business scenario, using a friendly environment where you can view and edit test cases helps in shortening the learning curve of application testing even for new programmers.

Testing Automation Framework gives Data Driven Tests

Automation frameworks such as selenium Java will allow testing of larger datasets, and therefore you will perform the thorough tests since you have the ability to manipulate the data tests. You can as well perform calculations and quickly create more test alterations and combinations and using very minimal efforts.

Offers Concise Reporting

This is beneficial since you will be able to provide reports that are user-friendly and easy to understand. The automation framework will provide test run reports in an easy to use format. Therefore, automation testers prefer it most. Using non-automated framework produces reports that are not easy to comprehend which makes an automation tester spend more time to understand.

The report produced needs to show areas where the application does not work well. Application screenshots will also help in identifying the discrepancies easily as the t4esting goes on. The automation frameworks like selenium java will allow for these, and therefore it gives an easy to use test reports.

Allows Standard Scripting and Team Consistency

Testing using automation framework will check if you have used standard scripting as per the implementation methodology laid out at the beginning of the project. Where there are differences, you will be able to know easily and therefore rectify the mistakes on time. It doesn’t allow team members to use their own coding standards which is not a good practice in application development.

When you are developing an application, you want it to be able to meet certain specific expectations. Therefore you must make sure that the testing framework thorough checks the code. Use of automation frameworks is the best option.