Are you looking for great automation testing presentions to improve your test automation skills using Selenium Webdriver? Here’s a great news for you!

Below a great compilation of the best automation testing presentations, the world of software testing can offer. Read on.

1) Page Objects in Test Automation

Author: Nikolay Advolodkin
Topics Learned: Test automation, page objects, Selenium Webriver, best practices

This is my presentation from the Page Objects in Test Automation course. The goal of this presentation is to help you understand how to drastically improve the stability of your automated functional tests.

You will learn:

– Why functional test automation can create flaky tests

– Why the Page Object Pattern is the best approach to test automation design

– How to design a good Page Object Pattern

– How to work with large page objects

– And much more…

2) Key Test Automation Skills and Best Practices – Recap of Top Sessions from Automation Guild Conf 2017

Author: Joe Colantonio
Topics Learned: Test automation, functional testing, frameworks, visual validation

Joe Colantonio goes over some general ideas for test automation including:

– How testing vendors are embracing open source

– How to grade your Selenium tests

– PageObjects vs Screenplay pattern

– Is BDD just for collaboration?

– TestOps – how automation fits into CI

3) Test Automation Trends for 2016 and Beyond

Author: Joe Colantonio
Topics Learned: Test automation, trends, frameworks, languages

Joe Colantonio talks about the latest trends in the IT industry so that you can make better decisions for your career. Topics include which test automation tools are growing, what programming languages you should learn, what development methodologies will dominate the future, and the future of Test Driver Development, and these are just a few of the insights provided by this excellent SlideShare.

4) Managing Continuous Delivery of Mobile Apps for the Enterprise

Author: Infostretch Corporation
Topics Learned: Continuous integration, automated testing

What we have here is an excellent SlideShare presentation regarding Continuous Integration and a good approach to implementing it. Sauce Labs talks about source control, build tools, CI tools, self-testing builds, and much more.

5) Three Approaches to Optimizing your Selenium Test Designs

Authors: Brian Van Stone and Neil Manvar
Topics Learned: Test design, Selenium Webdriver

This is a great SlideShare that describes the positives and negatives of the Page Object model, Keyword Driven Frameworks, and Behavior Driven Development.

Wrap Up

There you have it, the best automation testing presentations to help you improve your testing skills with Selenium Webdriver. Learn and apply the knowledge you gain from these resources and you will be amazed to see your skills improved in no time.

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