The World’s Most Advanced Selenium Course on Framework Development

Are you confused and frustrated with your test automation? Do your tests break often, for no apparent reason? Can you run 500 tests per day with the click of a single button?

If you are struggling with these issues, then you are not alone. In fact, over 80% of Automation Engineers can’t run 100 automated functional tests per day!

It doesn’t have to be so hard:

By building the correct test automation framework, you can increase your test coverage by over 1000%. That is why I am here to help.

I will re-design The Complete Selenium WebDriver course to provide you all of the skills required to create an amazing test automation framework. Using the feedback and knowledge that I gained from teaching over 50,000 students, I will provide the best Selenium video tutorial in the world.

You will experience amazing techniques to code your test automation like never before. You will be proud of your test automation!


What is automation testing?

  • Learn a bit about test automation and how to do it well, regardless of tools.

What is Selenium WebDriver?

  • Understand what Selenium WebDriver is and why use it

How to install the correct tools for the course?

  • Learn proper installation of tools for the course

Element Identification with Selenium

  • Master critical skills required to identify elements on any web page

Mouse and Keyboard Interactions

  • Understand the importance of using mouse and keyboard interactions to do things like drag and drop
Implicit vs Explicit Waits
  • Learn when to use one over the other
Automation Testing Best Practices
Regardless of the tool that you use, you need to know important automation best practices that will make any of your tests extremely stable. Master four critical rules and principles:
  • Single Responsibility Principle
  • Don’t Repeat Yourself
  • Page Object Pattern
  • Acceptance Test Driven Automation
Automation Frameworks for Two Web Apps
  • Use one app to practice automation framework evolution – Practice on one web application that will teach you how to maintain your test automation code over time as things change. Your code will remain rock solid.
  • Use second app to practice automation framework organization – Perform test automation on a second web application where you will learn how to create different features and tests for your framework. Your test architecture and organization will be flawless.
Creating logs and reports
  • Just plug and play – Take your framework to the next level as you learn how to easily and quickly create beautiful HTML reports and logs.


  • The only C# tutorial on the web designed specifically for test automation engineers. Master everything that you need for phenomenal test automation. Learn nothing that you don’t need.
Other course features:
  • Utilizing Selenium WebDriver 3.0+
  • Utilizing the latest automation testing frameworks