Sometimes, you got some issues with firefox not working properly with Selenium Webdriver. In this cases, you need to downgrade firefox version that is installed on your computer to make it work.

1. Stop auto updates on your browser.
On your current browser, make sure to go to Options and select “Never check for updates”. It’s a bit different on each browser, so just Google it.

2. Downgrade to a lower version of that browser.
You need to make sure that your browser version is compatible with Selenium Webdriver. Since Webdriver cannot keep up with all of the browser updates, that involves downgrading your browser instead of waiting for a fix from Selenium.
If you want to know which browser you need to downgrade to, then you can check the Selenium Webdriver change log. You can also do a bit of trial and error. Downgrade your browser a few versions and see if it works with your test.
In my Complete Selenium Webdriver Course, I have the following working configuration:

3. Uninstall the older version of the browser.
Sometimes you may need to uninstall the older version of your browser. You can do that by going to Programs and Features if you are on Windows. Sorry, I don’t know Mac yet.

4. Restart computer

5. Run your code

6. Relax and drink a coffee