Learn here The Most Useful Git Commands.

Creating Git aliases

Aliases are fantastic to save having to type extra keys when using Git. These are my favorites:

$ git config --global alias.ch checkout 
$ git config --global alias.br branch 
$ git config --global alias.co commit 
$ git config --global alias.st status

Creating a new branch from an upstream branch

You may want to pull in some code on a new laptop or a new workspace. In that case, to avoid confusion, it’s useful to recreate a similarly named local branch as you have in your remote repo.

Check the name of the branch that you want to create by

git branch -a

And create your new local branch by pulling down remote like this

git ch -b tests remotes/origin/tests

Check out the full example below

nikolayadvolodkin@SL-1506 portfolio % git branch -a
* main
  remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/main
nikolayadvolodkin@SL-1506 portfolio % git ch -b tests remotes/origin/tests

Fork and branch Git workflow

This workflow is great when you have a public repository that you want others to commit to. Or when you want to contribute to someone’s repository.

Cleaning Up

9. Pull changes from the original repository’s master branch to your local cloned repository

git pull upstream master

10. Delete the feature branch

git branch -d <you branch name>

11. Update the master branch in your forked repository

git push origin master

12. Delete the origin branch

git push –delete origin <branch name>

How to reset your local master branch to the forked repo’s master branch?

Sometimes you can do a git pull upstream master and really mess up with the automatic merge. In that case, you may just want to take the latest code from the fork. Use

# ensures current branch is master
git checkout master

# pulls all new commits made to upstream/master
git pull upstream master

# this will delete all your local changes to master
git reset --hard upstream/master

# take care, this will delete all your changes on your forked master
git push origin master --force

Thanks Stack Overflow

How to store credentials through command line?

git config credential.helper store

git pull

How to delete all changes in current branch?

Discard all local changes to all files permanently

git reset --hard

How to fix: “fatal: Authentication failed for https://github.com/”

This article does an awesome job of showing you how to fix that problem

How to fix merge conflicts

git fetch origin
git checkout -b jest_start origin/jest_start
git merge master