Oracle EBS (E-Business Suite) is a robust enterprise management suite consisting of SCM (supply chain management), CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning).

Oracle EBS has a modular architecture. It supports customizations and can be tailored as per your unique business needs. Furthermore, it can be integrated seamlessly with other applications. Since EBS is just not a software but a business process, you need to maintain and test it regularly. Without thoroughly testing each and every component of a system, you cannot ensure 100% quality ERP implementation.

Whether you’re using Oracle E-Business Suite or any other large software package, you need to apply patches for performance optimization and bug fixing. When it comes to Oracle EBS, the patches vary in size and scope. While upgrading a patch, you need to determine whether the problem is fixed and the patch has not broken any existing functionality.

If you want to know whether the patch has fixed the problem, you need to manually test the specific issue. To know existing functionality is working fine, you need to perform regression testing. Since it is repetitive in nature, you need test automation software. Furthermore, Oracle is using the “Continuous Delivery” model of releases for Oracle E-Business Suite, making testing a complex subject. In order to keep pace with Oracle’s release cycle, you need a solid Test Automation process.

Top challenges associated with Oracle Application testing:

  •  Oracle Applications are highly complex since they can be customized.
  • Repetitive manual testing is time consuming and inefficient.

How to select the right test automation tool for Oracle E-Business Suite?

While choosing a test automation tool, you need to check whether it offers native support for Oracle Forms for robust GUI controls recognition. Not having that will make it hard for you to keep your tests up-to-date. Apart from this, your automation tool should not rely on scripting. If your team doesn’t have a lot of programming experience, then without a zero code editor it will be really tough for them to test the application.

OpKey – Your Test Automation Tool for Oracle EBS

Among the limited set of test automation tools for Oracle EBS with support for Oracle Forms, we recommend “OpKey”. Leveraging OpKey’s zero code scripting, business users can create your new test or modify existing ones using 400+ Keywords. OpKey comes with a smart recorder that enables users to record actions while manually testing specific business processes.

OpKey offers pre-built automated tests for Oracle EBS applications to users, enabling them to take advantage of test automation implementation. With 25+ pre-configured business processes across modules like Order Management, Procurement, Supply Chain Inventory, and Oracle Financials, OpKey increases test coverage for each release.

Since Oracle EBS integrates seamlessly with many enterprise applications, you need to perform thorough integration testing. With OpKey, testers can automate testing beyond Oracle EBS applications across different applications such as web, mobile, and cloud based applications.

With OpKey, companies can deliver error-free and high-performance applications at the end. Whether you want to implement, upgrade or patch, deploy new modules or rollout new instances of Oracle EBS, OpKey can efficiently validate that your business applications correctly support all your mission critical business processes.