Learning Selenium is probably a challenge for most people. It will be difficult for you to determine where you should start and where to get the right resources. If you are looking for ways on how to learn selenium testing in the easiest way, then you certainly have come to the right place. The tips that we will provide below will give you an amazing result. Nonetheless, the result may still vary depending on the learning curve and the motivation of the person.

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Understand the Basic of the Programming Language to Learn Selenium

Perhaps you are already aware that Selenium supports programming language that gives you the chance to use it and integrate it with different languages. In case you are planning to use Java with your Selenium, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic of the language which includes string class, exception handling, collection, arrays, inheritance, and polymorphism.

Perform Case Study

We highly suggest avoiding jumping instantly on selenium testing since it will lead to a lot of confusions. Be sure to build your knowledge about the tools. This may include the advantage and disadvantage, design, tool flavors and the history of the tools. After gathering knowledge about the tools, you will be able to have a complete feel of the Selenium Drive.

Conduct Simple Tests

learn selenium testing in 1 month

When you want to learn selenium and understand the entire flow of the system, it is advisable to take small steps. Look for simple applications that will help you accomplish basic steps. It may also help you create your automation script.

Choose a Complex Scenario

Once you completed the basic and standard step, you should be able to take a more intricate scenario. After you completed the complex selenium testing, you should be able to design your next automation script a lot easier.

Selenium Integration

learn selenium

The Selenium integration plays an important role in the selenium testing so make sure to be accustomed in using this. Selenium is a flexible tool that allows you to integrate it with various tools such as Jenkins, Sikuli, Maven, AutoIt, and TestNG. There are instances when you will be encountering issues when integrating selenium with these tools but there are different ways on how to address this.

Learning the Code

For those who have no prior knowledge about the programming language, there are various online resources where you can learn how to understand the language from scratch. You simply have to understand one section of the language before you will proceed to the next section. There are theories included, and questions that you need to answer that will gauge your understanding about coding. It also involves an evaluation test before you can access the next program. This will be helpful if you want to learn Selenium testing in the easiest way possible.

For those who want to learn Selenium testing in as little as 1 month, it may be possible if you try the tips we mentioned above. In case you think we forgot something, be sure to share them on the comment section and let us know about it.