Learning a new concept is always exciting if you use the best approach that makes learning enjoyable. The first time you learn how to sew you will always enjoy it if you have an opportunity to do it on your own. When you take the needle and do the first stitches, you will start enjoying it, and you always want to make the next stitch. This goes on until you make a whole new garment and maybe wear it or sell it. When you see someone wearing a garment that you have sawn from scratch, it makes you happy as you can see the fruits of your labor.

The same applies when you want to learn Selenium. When you want to become experienced software tester using selenium, there are different approaches you can use to learn selenium. Here are some of the self-driven ways to learn selenium.

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Read Selenium Webdriver books

There are different books available that you can use as resources to learn Selenium. These are filled with essential knowledge on how to do different things while testing software when using Selenium Webdriver. You will also get valuable material that is suitable for use by new beginners easily. This makes learning the selenium Webdriver easy as you can get reference materials readily available. To have a good experience using this method on how to learn Selenium, you need to get the latest available books.

On this post is a compilation of the best software testing books that had helped me learn Selenium webdriver more effectively.

Participate in Selenium Webdriver community forums

Selenium Webdriver users have an online community where you can always ask a question, and you will; get an answer to the question. This is a good place to learn new skills in using selenium web driver because the users will always share experiences online. When they share these experiences, you will be able to learn from them. Further, online forums are where you can meet an experienced coach who you can always discuss different things about Selenium Webdriver. These include how to get started with software testing using Selenium Webdriver, and also you can share the quickest way to achieve different things. As you do this, you will have a good learning experience, and also you get to have a good memory of the things leaned.

Read Selenium Webdriver automation blogs

Selenium Webdriver is one of the most used software testing tools that you will find in the market. As such, there are different bloggers who have written nice materials that can help you to learn Selenium easily. These blog posts should be carefully chosen as not all of them have nice material. However, the majority of them have nice reference material to learn Selenium Comfortably.

Examples of blogs that are very helpful are Elemental Selenium, Joe Colantonio’s blog, Automate the Planet, and many more. Visit this post to learn my complete list.

Practice using Selenium to advance your skills

You can download Selenium Webdriver and use it to practice different thing. As you practice, you will be able to increase your knowledge through experience. Note that before you begin to practice, you need to have the basic introduction. Once you have the introduction, you can continue practicing as you master the skills. Balance this way on how to learn Selenium with the others above, and you will become a pro.

So how can you practice automation testing?

Luckily, there are amazing websites where we can practice automation testing using Selenium Webdriver. Check this post to learn the 9 amazing websites to practice automation testing.


These are some of the best ways on how to learn Selenium. Start using the above approaches, and as long as you enjoy using the Selenium Webdriver, then you will become a pro easily. This is how easy it is to become an expert in Selenium Webdriver.