If you need to automate web browsers and make things more convenient, Webdriver is ideal for you. On the other hand, Selenium lets you test your scripts against multiple different browsers. Web developers who need to achieve a successful output in their work need to know about this advanced tool. If you neither have the time nor need a whole new course to master Selenium Wedriver, there are other effective methods. These little facts, tips, and tricks will help you learn Selenium and become an expert in handling this.

Tips to Learn Selenium Effectively

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There are certain things that you should keep in mind if you are a beginner who wants to learn Selenium Webdriver. The locators should always be in the preference order and go for the option of implementing direct or indirect methodologies. If you want to initiate different drivers of multiple browsers, use the switch case. In addition, remember to disable the updates once you have found the right version of your web browser.

However, these are not the only tips one must remember when learning Selenium Webdriver. You should also be knowledgeable about the difference between Assert and Verify. While Assert does not run consequent checks after a stop, verify runs checks until there are no defects found in the test. Java Skills are also a necessity to learn Selenium easily as it aids you in the real coding process.

Best Blogs for Selenium WebDriver Facts

If you have the basic knowledge on how to use this advanced web tool, you might be craving for additional tips. This is when taking an entirely new course on Selenium is worthless since you know about it already. The best ways to polish your knowledge is through various informative blogs present on the internet. These blogs on Selenium Webdriver will enhance your skills while making you an expert in it.

Selenium HQ wiki is probably the best place for you to clarify your doubts on the web tool and learn Selenium effectively. It will teach you about advanced user interactions, developer tips and how to build a Webdriver successfully. Then there’s Google testing blog which can complement your learning further. Even though it is not a specific Selenium Webdriver blog, it does answer to the most important questions based on the web tool. Elemental Selenium is another blog that you can visit and learn Selenium without a cost.

Therefore, if you want to master this amazing web tool and develop websites like a professional, know these tips and hacks. Don’t think of Selenium Webdriver as something very complicated because it isn’t. Once you have got hold of the basics, it will be really easy for you to continue from there. Follow the instructions exactly as they are to avoid unnecessary mistakes. The internet itself provides a wider range of materials to learn Selenium. You should definitely make use of these and enhance your overall knowledge on this. Also, never give up but work hard to build your creation step by step successfully.