Software testing is essential not only to analyze the efficiency in the functioning of a software but also to identify any faults that could be present. If you have ever done software testing before, you are in a position to tell which testing method is better between the manual vs. automated testing methods.

Both methods are effective and essential based on the kind of software being tested and the aspect of the software being tested. Whether you prefer automated or manual software testing, the below information will reveal every detail regarding the two testing methods, therefore, keep following and learn more.

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Manual Testing Defined

Manual testing refers to the testing of software systems without the use of any technological advanced. The person uses procedures and efficiency standards to check the quality of a software and determine whether it is within expected quality standards or not.

Advantages of Manual Testing

Manual testing is eyeball testing which means you are able to see every aspect of your test. You can choose to manipulate your testing so that you know specific aspects of the software. Since you just use certain skills, it does not require a lot of expenses. It takes little time to test a software especially when the aspect being tested is small. You can update the test based on the software progress and functioning.

Disadvantages of Manual Testing

Manual testing is nice when no frequent or recurrent tests are required. If it has to be repeated on regular basis, it can consume a lot of time and human resources because you will need to formulate new and relevant testing methods. It relies on observation from people which could attract mistakes and a lot of drawbacks especially if the person testing is not competent enough to make perfect decisions.

Automated Testing Defined

Automated testing, on the other hand, uses software tools to examine, analyze and gauge the efficiency of a software system. Automated testing is known to be effective and quick but it cannot be used to test other aspects of a software like exploratory testing and usability testing.

Advantages of Automated Testing

It is performed using scripts; therefore, it is more reliable because it can reveal strengths and weaknesses of a software. Since it uses software tools, it is faster than manual testing that uses human effort. You can use automated testing for repeated software testing because it can reveal any faults and downgrades that your software could be having.

Disadvantages of Automated Testing

It requires a lot of investment because you need to buy the software tools that are used in testing of the software. Automated testing does not entail human observation and analysis, therefore, you cannot guarantee user-friendly software to your fans. Automated testing also requires knowledge to ensure that you utilize all testing software for effective testing to occur.


While one of the testing methods might appear more effective and simple to you, both of them have their own significance and drawbacks as well.  Depending on the test that you want to carry out, you can choose any of the two methods.