How To Test A React Web App Workshop [2021]

In this workshop, we’ll show you step-by-step how to test a react web app using NodeJs, Cypress, and WebDriverIO. No prior testing experience is necessary.💯

What You Will Learn From This Workshop:

✅ Automated atomic test

✅ Code automated atomic tests

✅ Login without a UI using HTML web forms

✅ Login without a UI using JWT

✅ Write a component test

✅ Add a test id to our web app

✅ Test a link and a tab

✅ Replace e2e tests with component tests

✅ Visual e2e tests

✅ Visual cross-browser tests

✅ CICD with Github Actions

Table of Content: React Web App Testing Workshop

📌 Introduction to react testing tutorial

📌 React testing set up

📌 Definition of atomic test

📌 Automated atomic test

📌 React testing with WCypress: Getting started with Cypress

📌 Answer to atomic tests exercise

📌 Setting up for react testing HTML forms

📌 HTML web forms answers

📌 Testing JWT

📌 JWT Exercise Answer

📌 Testing a react web app

📌 Component tests

📌 Visual e2e testing

📌 React testing with WebDriverIO: Creating e2e testing with WebDriverIO

📌 Visual e2e exercise answer

📌 CIDC with a react app

📌 Conclusion

Watch FULL React Web App Testing Workshop Now! 👇👇👇

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