Happy Holidays!

I hope that you are out enjoying these festivities, having delicious drinks, great food, and enjoying friends and family.

Every year, I do something special for the holidays for all Ultimate QA subscribers.

I’m going to give away a free copy of The Complete Selenium WebDriver course ($349 value)!!!

If you’re unfamiliar with this course, it will teach you everything that you need to know to start doing test automation using Selenium WebDriver.

So that you can get that Automation Engineer job as many students already have…

You will learn everything from C# fundamentals to Page Objects to framework development.

The contest is a simple sharing contest. The more you share, the higher chances to win.

Here’s how this contest works:
  1. Go to this url to enter the contest
  2. Just enter your email or sign up through Facebook
  3. You will receive an email. Confirm your registration status
  4. You will get a unique link that you should share with your friends
  5. You get points for sharing your link on social media
  6. You get the most points when your friends or coworkers also enter the contest using your unique link
  7. The contest will run until 1/9/19 11:59 EST

The person with the most points will win a copy of the course (Click the URL to learn mor).

Join the free contest now and win lifetime access to the highest ranked Selenium with C# course in the world!

I hope that this brightens your holidays and gives you another gift to smile about!

Nikolay “I love giving away free stuff” Advolodkin

CEO of Ultimate QA

PS. Please be fair and don’t cheat in the contest, there’s a fraud detection system mwahahaha 🙂