Testing for Good is a free virtual event dedicated to training the world in test automation skills. Taught by industry experts, you will be able to practice and grow your skills in these hands-on keyboard, technical workshops. Leave the workshops with working code and knowledge that you can apply at your workplace immediately.
Besides improving your skills, collectively, we will be helping to bridge the social divide by raising contributions for NGOs.

Testing for Good Data

Testing for Good was created by Nikolay Advolodkin, founder of Ultimate QA.

To date, Testing for Good workshops has raised over $20,000 for NGOs all over the globe.

Event NameAmount Raised ($)Organization Benefited
Testing for Good JS 20214300Black Girls Code
Testing for Good Java 2021810Code.org
Comprehensive Testing w/ JS Sauce Con ’223000Ecosia’s Trees That Empower Women
Sauce Con 202212000Various NGOs