A few months ago I purchased the Tony Robbins Business Mastery program because I was interested in becoming an overall better leader and improving my organizational skills. Hoping to achieve better outcomes for my career.

Tony Robbins is an amazing human being and is one of my role models. His content is so powerful that I simply had to try this program.

Overall, the program has been a 2.5/5 experience so far. The content that Tony teaches is phenomenal. Information that you simply cannot get anywhere else. His planning strategies and organizational techniques are the only reason that I am sticking around with this program. Because the rest of it is pretty pathetic.

First, the app called Breakthrough is easily the worst app that I’ve used in my life. No joke and no exxageration (it’s rated 2.2/5 on the App Store) It’s a simple audio player that plays a bunch of pre-recorded content by Tony. We’re supposed to use this content to help guide us while we learn his strategies.

Unfortunately, this audio player can’t keep track of where you left off because somehow it gets stuck on one track and just keeps playing it over and over. I’m trying to move past like lecture 15, but it keeps restarting the program and I’m stuck. Furthermore, the app does things like logs you out after a specific period of time. It takes even like a minute for the app to simply open before you can start using it.

I requested to get .mp3 versions of the audio so that I can just listen to them outside of the program and was told that I can only have CDs! Really, Is this 2005?? You don’t have .mp3 tracks.

And even if I accepted the CDs, what do you expect me to do? To find a CD player and carry that around? What a sad joke.

Second, the user is left with very poor guidance on how to use the program. We get a bunch of emails with random information and are expected to piece it together. I have to keep emailing random people to put this puzzle together.

Oh yea, you have to print and bind your own PDF documents. There are two of like 200+ pages.

I’m only continuing with the program for 2 reasons. First, there’s going to be a live event where Tony teaches us all of this in person. That I am sure will transform my life as Tony always does. Second, because I want to learn this program as I’m sure it will be one of the most powerful things that I do.

My recommendation

Do not purchase the Business Mastery Program. It’s not worth the cost and the experience is very poor. I was naive and assumed that a program by Tony would be outstanding. His live events are! This program is not.

If I had to go back and do it again, I might only purchase the live-event and see how that goes. That might be enough to learn everything that I need to learn. The external activities like listening to this horrible app and doing the workbook are certainly not worth the cost.

If you know me, I rarely say bad things about anything. If I don’t like something, I prefer to just not talk about it rather than bring something down. But in this case, I had to speak about my experience so that anyone in the future can learn from my mistakes. Maybe, this post will become public enough and force the program to make some massive changes? At the very least, I hope that this post saves some individual from wasting their money on this program.