What will you learn in this lecture?

In this video, we will take a quiz on Sauce Labs concepts. In the previous tutorial, we learned different timeouts in Sauce Labs.

Sauce Labs Quiz

So now I know I’ve thrown so much information at you. Right. So what does it mean. Whenever you have a lot of information being thrown at you.

Well, that means that I’m going to quiz you on all of that information. I know I know I’m such an evil instructor and I’m sorry but I definitely do have your best interests at heart. I don’t want to quiz you. You know to test you and to make you fail.

I just want to quiz you to make sure that your foundation is stable and that you’re actually acquiring all of the knowledge that you’re learning and not simply just watching the videos but actually retaining everything right. That’s why the quizzes exist. It’s not for me to be an evil guy even though maybe sometimes I can be a little evil but I actually do want to help you.

So here is what I’ve come up with for you to test your skills and retain your knowledge. I want you to create two tests the first test is going to run on chrome 62 Windows 8.1 with a screen resolution of 1024×768. The second test is going to run on chrome 48 on Linux. So those are the two tests that you need to write.

And there are some constraints. You are not allowed to look at my code or your code that you’ve written now especially for the setup method. This setup method for creating sauce driver. I want to test your ability to reuse the notes and the previous lectures to be able to reconstruct the code from scratch.

You should you should not be copying the code that I’ve had before because that would be way too easy. So I want you to recreate it from scratch look at the previous videos look at the notes that you talk and try to recreate your own remote drivers that are going to run on these configurations and obviously you can use the sauce labs configurator to help you get the values that you need in order to make that happen.

Because no one can remember all of these values like Windows 8.1 and chrome 62 like how do I answer those strings right. You don’t have to remember that but I want you to recreate everything else on your own.

Doing your best and if your notes and videos aren’t good if your notes aren’t good enough just go back in the videos and re-watch them and then that way you are actually re-reviewing the lectures that you previously have seen.

Okay so said those tests up and then the test that you’re going to rerun is going to be portentous number two. All I did was actually just copy over this entire test into the tests.

The the quiz says that you have to write and then you’re obviously just going to have to reset the sample application page to have a new driver and that’s really easy you’re just you know setting sample application pages equal to a new sample application page and passing your new driver because previously in our setup method we were setting the application page with this driver here that was set using the creates auth driver but now you’re creating your own drivers with your new configurations and so, therefore, you have to set your own sample application page.

I think that all makes sense. Give that a shot.

Again just do your best and when you come back I’ll give you the answer.

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What will you learn in this course?

This course is an introduction to Sauce Labs with Selenium webdriver.

Taught by Nikolay Advolodin, CEO of ultimateqa.wpmudev.host. He had been teaching test automation for 5 years and is the author of top rated online courses to 50,000 students in over 100 countries around the globe.

In this course from Ultimate QA, you will learn:

– Why Sauce Labs is an amazing test automation tool.

– Overview of Sauce Labs.

– Sauce Labs advantages and disadvantages.

– How to analyze results.

– How to perform live debugging.

At the end of the course, you will take a final quiz along with the answers to the quiz questions for better understanding.

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